Emergency Assistance

Emergencies in the Red River Gorge
Many emergency situations are avoidable, but they still happen. Before you go to the Red River Gorge, it is a good idea to have these numbers with you:

  • Local Police: 911
  • State Police: 1-(800) 222-5555
  • Fire Department: 911
  • Ambulance/EMS: 911
  • US Forest Service: 1-(800) 222-5555
  • Natural Bridge State Park: 1-(606) 663-2214
  • KYTC Safe Patrol: 511 or 1-(877) FOR-KYTC
  • rrgtoday.com/emergencies.html

Do not depend on Cell Phones
Cell phone coverage is very patchy in parts of the forest. There may be a chance to reach a cell site by climbing to a ridge top.

From the back country, report only serious emergencies by calling 911. Due to the remote area, expect a longer response time than you would in a city. It will be very important to know your location.

When you do reach 911, stay calm, and stay on the line. Do not move, as moving even one foot in any direction may disconnect you. If possible, send someone to the trailhead or parking lot to lead emergency personnel to the victim.

Clark Regional Medical Center
If your emergency is not serious enough to call 911, but you still need medical help, the hospital closest to the Gorge is:
Clark Regional Medical Center
1107 West Lexington Ave. Winchester, KY 40391
1-(859) 745-3500

Directions from Slade, Kentucky to Clark Regional Medical Center
Estimated distance: 37 miles, Est. driving time: 38 minutes)

  1. Head West on the BERT T COMBS MOUNTAIN PKWY and go 32.3 miles, then merge onto I-64 West and go 3.4 miles.
  2. Take the KY-1958 / VAN METER RD EXIT 94 toward KY-627-TRUCK / WINCHESTER and go 0.2 miles.
  3. Turn LEFT onto BYPASS RD / VAN METER RD / KY-1958 and go 0.3 miles
  4. Turn LEFT onto US-60 / W LEXINGTON AVE (0.9 miles to the hospital)

Snake Bites!!!!
There are only two venomous species indigenous to the Red River Gorge: copperheads and timber rattlesnakes. Should you or a friend get bitten by one of these vipers, there is only ONE important thing to do, and it doesn’t involve cutting, suction, or tourniquets: DO NOT PANIC!

It may hurt like crazy but it won’t kill you unless you start jumping up and down and running. Sit down! Relax as best as you can and send somebody to get help.

Video: rrgtoday.com/emergencies.html

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